I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Statistics at the University of Minnesota. My primary research interests are in multivariate analysis, numerical optimization, statistical genetics and genomics, and more broadly, statistical and machine learning. Recently, I have been especially interested in single cell and spatial transcriptomic data analysis: see my research page for details. I serve as Associate Editor for Data Science in Science and Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.

Recent and upcoming talks:
  • Aug., 2024: Joint Statistical Meeting in Portland, OR
  • May, 2024: SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra in Paris
  • Apr., 2024: Theory and Foundations of Statistics Conference in Tallahassee, FL
  • Jan., 2024: International Biometric Society Journal Club
  • Aug., 2023: Joint Statistical Meeting in Toronto
  • Mar., 2023: ASA Florida Chapter Meeting in Gainesville, FL
  • Mar., 2023: Seminar, Biostatistics Program, Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle
  • Dec., 2022: CM Statistics in London